Eric Thomas
Department of Computer Science
East Carolina University

Research Project: Sensor Signal Integration for vNurse at Smart Elderly Homes


This project is a first stage of a larger project for Smart Elderly Homes

The main goal of the project is to facilitate high-quality care and explore evidences of new health conditions of the patients which could result in reducing the readmission to hospital after discharge.

Due to COVID-19 the project has been retargeted to towards a Simulated Environment for Smart Elderly Home through simulation of sensor signals to replace the real sensor signals at an elderly home. 


This project integrates the sensor signals from several simulated sensors in an elderly home which represent different activities of an elderly in his/her home. A wide range of sensor signals will be integrated into events which will be used by a local mobile system (e.g., iPhone) to extract unusual patterns of activities and inform the homecare professionals or the close family members. 

Publications in Progress


Commercial Home Sensors

Visualization of Changes in weights of edges between dense layer nodes. 

This tool dynamically shows the changes in the weights on the links among nodes in different layers of a neural network by selecting a specific epoch during the training phase of the network. 


Sensor Technologies

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